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Listen Now Free! A glimpse into the soon to be released 

InclusionRevolution Album by Sister Jenna. 
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#InclusionRevolution Album soon to be released comes at a time of a great divide in consciousness. This compilation of fusion meditations, for millennials and people on the move is groundbreaking for those who struggle to get into the Zen zone but who are comfortable with being in a good mood. A best pick for a Saturday morning groove, power walk, workout, while flying on a plane, driving from one meeting to another, or background sounds while relaxing with friends. The Inclusion Revolution Album is accompanied by the soothing voice of Sister Jenna, founder of the Meditation Museums in Washington D.C., Raja Yogi, Evolutionary Leader and host of the popular online syndicated radio show, America Meditating who share inspirational words of wisdom on the album. Featuring Kristin Hoffmann and Paul LufteneggerJoRob Waldron Coming soon to Itunes, Amazon, CDBaby.

America Meditating is proud to support 20 Years of Service for the Brahma Kumaris in Washington D.C.




Motivate Yourself and Aim High for 2017 with Sister Jenna  

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How To See A Human Soul

An Evening of Live Filming in the Soul Biographies Method with Nic Askew & Sister Jenna 

Held at the Meditation Museum, 9525 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 

Free Event – Contributions Appreciated. RSVP at


 How To See A Human Soul

Wednesday, November 30th, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM 
In Maryland, at the Meditation Museum 
9525 Georgia Avenue, Suite 101, Silver Spring, MD

To truly bear witness to another allows for a voice that seems rare in this age. A voice that does not set out to convince the world of right and wrong. A voice that starts without knowing where it might end up. A voice alive with truth and vulnerability, that travels without a fear of consequence. The voice of the soul.

In his SOUL BIOGRAPHIES Film Series, Nic Askew captures such a voice. Join us for an evening of Live Filming at the Meditation Museum. A visceral exploration of the human soul, offering undeniable evidence that we each belong without condition.

Nic Askew has a very clear mission - to capture “The Soul of This Human Race” on film, in all its shades and from all four corners of the world so that we might see ourselves reflected in each other. As a Film Maker, Poet and Speaker, he travels the world helping organizations find and reveal their soul, and most importantly, human beings express the emotion of their pain, their joy, and much in between.

Nics Soul Biographies series is followed faithfully by many around the world through his long running “Film of the Week.” His insight on what it is that happens between the lens, the subject, and the viewer has profound implications for all.  


In times of tragedy we are called to love, deeply

Living in France now for 6 years, I am still touched by the racism, hatred and violence in the US and elsewhere. That is why I have dedicated myself to spreading more peace, love and compassion in the world.

Two days ago, sitting with my journal in hand, tears streaming down my face, these words were so difficult to write, though I know them to be true. When I see people around the world who are killed or tortured simply based on the color of their skin, their sexual orientation or by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I weep. 

I grieve for the lost lives and for those left behind who must wrestle with the what ifs? or why us? Questions that cannot be answered. At least not with our earthly minds.

Called to Love


"In these times of tragedy, trauma and terrorism, we must reconnect to our heart of compassion. We are called to love deeply and extend compassion to ALL. 

No one is born full of hatred and only a person in great pain, confusion or distress would harm another. At the level of the soul we are all perfect, and the souls that do us harm are also grieving, for they will have to come face-to-face with the results of their actions.The karmic debt does not go unpaid. 

Knowing this, why would we want another to suffer now? Knowing that the pain one delivers shall be delivered unto him until he is able to return to the perfection that lies at his core, we need not seek vengeance nor retribution. We are called to pray, meditate and love even our enemies, for their soul suffers, too."

~ Dr. Andrea. July 16, 2016


On July 14, just hours before I left to watch fireworks on the beach in honor of Bastille Day, I had a deep conversation with a trusted friend and colleague,Sister Jenna. She is the founder of the Meditation Museum and a spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris.

I was already shaken and disturbed to learn of the police shootings in America, the deaths which occurred during the coup attempt in Turkey, and countless other bombings around the world. It seemed to me, in this mid-Summer afternoon, that the world is incredibly unstable.

I reached out to the ever wise and positive Sister Jenna for support not knowing that within a few hours her words would be even more poignant and necessary.

Click here to watch and listen to our conversation and enjoy the guided meditation that Sister Jenna leads.

Video interview with Sister Jenna of the Meditation Museum


After joining with thousands around the world for a 21-day Compassion Meditation Challenge, I realized just how much we need a deep spiritual practice, faith and meditation. As we each deal with anger, rage and grief following any number of tragic events, I remind you to connect with your heart of compassion.

Feel free to join the free 21-day Compassion Meditation Challenge where you will receive a daily inspirational quote and guided meditation audio. Join mediators around the world as we connect our hearts through peace and compassion.


Thich Nhat Hanh Quote

May you be free from suffering. May you be truly well in mind, body and heart. May you live with ease and grace.

All my best to you!

With love, 

The Soul + Science + Psychology of Optimal Living



Andrea Pennington, MD, C.Ac.




Meditate the Vote – The Real Conversation

The month of May has been declared National Meditation Month and the America Meditating Radio Show, along with an Alliance of Friends from around the country who are concerned citizens, has started a grassroots movement called, #MeditateTheVote - "The Real Conversation," to contribute a greater awareness for ourselves and our country.

#MeditateTheVote is a community of individuals from diverse spiritual, cultural, political and faith backgrounds. Our goal is to engage in conversations that bring us closer together to create a more cohesive and deeper understanding of just how much we have in common and how much we belong to a greater story.

During this highly contentious political climate, our hope is that #MeditateTheVote acts as a subtle tool to create more trust, and partnership with others and to unite our country for the greater good.

#MeditateTheVote will be launched on May 1st, 2016 leading up to Election Day on November 8th, 2016.

Click Here for Huffington Post

By signing on to Meditate the Vote, it means thinking outside the box, yet being wise enough to prepare the tools to see through the vision you hold for the self, fellow countrymen and the world at large. 

The initiative begins on May 1st and ends on November 8th. On May 1st, you can start by:

1. Making a video saying, "I, Meditate The Vote" and sharing it on your social media and on the Meditate The Vote Facebook page and twitter!  See Samples on the Meditate The Vote YouTube page. 

2. Downloading the free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android and enjoying various meditations and videos. Feel free to listen to the America Meditating Radio Show for updates and interviews with various celebrities, leaders and average folks in the country as they discuss ways to bring about positive change. 

3.  Liking us on Facebookfollowing us on Twitter and using the hashtag #MeditatetheVote on your social media networks.  Subscribe to Meditate the Vote to keep abreast of the latest news and events. 


Meditate the Vote is about having real conversations and giving us space to think higher and deeper about what matters the most and preparing ourselves with real tools to engage in a better self and country.

Here are some ways to join us on the journey:

1. Host a local event or gathering at your home or venue to discuss questions such as:


Post your upcoming events on the #MeditateTheVote facebook page and tweet us to share with others. 

2.  Use Meditate the Vote questions listed above while just being with friends, at a coffee shop, at home, while on a call. It could be quite inspiring!

3. Meet with a meditation group and organize a #meditatethevote session.

4. Gift yourself with some private meditation instructions. Let us know #meditatethevote

5. Commit to a regular meditation practice in May - once a week, twice a week, daily – decide and then do it. Maybe you will continue. Let us know #meditatethevote

6. Teach a novice how to meditate. Let us know #meditatethevote

7. Try a different style of meditation. Let us know #meditatethevote

8. Get outside. Meditate in nature – a park, a beach, a forest or a field. Let us know #meditatethevote

9. Learn the history of meditation. Let us know #meditatethevote

10. Attend a meditation retreat. Let us know #meditatethevote

11. Share a meditation video. Let us know #meditatethevote

12. Play golf and meditate. Let us know #meditatethevote

13. Be mindful/meditative in your thoughts, words and deeds. Let us know #meditatethevote

14. Hold a higher intention for the self and country every day. Let us know #meditatethevote

15. Buy a Meditation CD and gift one to a colleague or friend. Let us know #meditatethevote

16. Meditate or pray before going to the voting booth, then cast your vote. Let us know #meditatethevote




Coming Soon 3rd Annual America Meditating Retreat
2016 (By Invitation Only)


1st Annual America Meditating Retreat 2014

2nd Annual America Meditating Retreat 2015