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OM Challenge - First Annual International Day of Yoga (2015)

We are constantly reminded of the urgency for peace in our neighborhoods and world. Our need for Peace is real. No one can deny it. While world leaders and organizations continue to dialogue about how to make it happen, to move toward an existence of less stress, more contentment and productivity, we offer a simpler, more immediate solution: “OM.”

In 2015, we captured OM challenge videos from around the world and produced a movie which we offered for the First Annual International Day of Yoga.

The ancient, universal chant of OM is primordial and connected to everything in nature.  It has been scientifically proven to create a sense of inner peace and calm. This ancient sound from India has taken on a life of its own, throughout lands, traditions, and practices. It means, “I am.” Perhaps when we drop the labels that often follow that phrase, we will begin to feel peace in our minds once again. Together we can spread what is true throughout the world - through your "OM," peace is donated.