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Join the America Meditating Radio journey. Sister Jenna and guests from around the world offer best life
practices so we can innovate, educate, and live a full life.

America Meditating Radio is an engaging and learning experience and syndicated radio show that features best life practices for current every day issues. Listen to ideas and teachings by celebrities, politicians, inspirational community leaders, and the best authors in personal growth, well being, spirituality, productivity, science, politics, business, and more.

Host, Sister Jenna, is an award-winning spiritual leader; founder of the Meditation Museums in Silver Spring, Maryland and McLean,Virginia; was selected as one of 100 Most Influential Leaders Empowering Women Worldwide; and is the director of the Washington, D.C. Branch of the Brahma Kumaris.

Through her soft spoken, soothing and sometimes humorous voice, her conversations with guests offer a real-time platform for everyone to learn more about ourselves and how we show up in the world. With the FREE app, PAUSE FOR PEACE, you can enjoy 24/7 radio shows, meditations, videos, and much more.

We are living our dream by changing lives and empowering hearts one person at a time until it reaches far and wide.


By way of background, in June 2012, the Meditation Museum launched a nationwide initiative entitled,America Meditating - Pause for Peace. This initiative encourages everyone across the nation to allow time during their day to pause for peace and reflect within.  As you know, a peaceful person creates an environment of trust, respect, love, safety and a more peaceful world. The initiative was very successful and it gave birth to the America Meditating Radio Show hosted by prominent motivational speaker and teacher, Sister Jenna, Director of the Meditation Museums in Silver Spring, Maryland and McLean, Virginia.

The America Meditating Radio Show focuses on wellness, current events, healthy living, spirituality, self-help, meditation, empowerment, people who have overcome significant obstacles and people who are making a difference in their communities and in the world. It provides a lively discussion featuring celebrities, thought leaders, scholars, politicians, bestselling authors, artists, entertainers, business leaders and average folks sharing success stories. Discussions provide listeners with new and inspiring ways to combat challenges that we encounter along the journey of life. This is not an ordinary radio show, but rather, a unique format of combined sharings of poetry, wisdom, meditation, music and it features solutions to current day issues.

The America Meditating Radio Show is broadcast to a worldwide audience, and is on demand 24/7.  The programs are broadcast on Blog Talk Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, Aha Radio, Spreaker, the Pause for Peace App , the Player.FM App, and on the World’s Largest Audio Network, TuneIn.

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Off the Grid

As technology continues to accelerate our lives, sitting still and reflecting on what matters most can be difficult. We bring so much more to our experiences and relationships when we make time to think in a powerful way.

This CD means so much to me because I have seen countless folks struggle to get into a "Zen Zone," while they continue to endeavor for personal peace and power. Off the Grid, Into the Heart is about moving us into meditation while staying on the move.